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From the Wyoming Game & Fish DepartmentApplication Process for G&F Hunter Management Area Permission Slips Goes Online - Bison now Included

Wyoming bison hunt goes well Green River, Wyoming - Hunters who have obtained a license in one of the hunt areas where there is also access through the Game and Fish Hunter Management Area (HMA) program can start obtaining permission slips for a number of these areas beginning July 14.

Anyone interested in hunting on a HMA must have a permission slip prior to accessing the area. Some HMAs are limited in the number of permission slips. In areas where permission slips are limited, permission slips are issued either on a first-come, first-serve basis or through a random drawing. The Game and Fish website explains the issuance method for slips in the various HMA areas.

Minor changes will affect hunters using hunter management areas enrolled in the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s Private Lands Public Wildlife (PLPW) Access Program this fall. The changes will apply to permission slips issued for hunter management areas, including bison hunters on the National Elk refuge. Southwest Wyoming PLPW Regional Access Coordinator Andy Countryman says the popularity for hunting and angling on private lands continues to increase, and timely, concise information about the access program application process is key to its success.

“In order for this access program to remain successful, everyone must follow the HMA rules and work to ensure other hunters do the same,” Countryman said. “New this year, are a few changes to the process of applying for access to the hunter management areas and we want hunters to be informed. The main change to the HMA application process is the Game and Fish is no longer accepting mail-in applications for HMA permission slips. Even though only a small portion of applications were completed through regular mail in the past, we still need to get the information about the change out to our HMA applicants.”

Countryman said the HMA applications must be applied for online at the department’s website. “The good news is that all HMA's will have 2014 hunting information posted online by July 10 and we will be able to accept applications online beginning July 14. Also good news and new for 2014, the National Elk Refuge will be accepting applications for permission slips to hunt bison through the HMA drawing process. When licensed bison hunters go online to the Game and Fish website there will be a link to click on, which will direct bison hunters to the Elk Refuge website for detailed information and instruction. Bottom line, the PLPW Access Program continues to grow and change, but with that change comes some good.”

As in previous years, hunters will have to buy the applicable license (deer, elk, antelope, etc.) before applying. Each HMA has its own application period. Hunting access on some HMAs, including military-owned properties, will still require in-person registration, as described on the Game and Fish website.

Details on obtaining HMA permits and accessing lands available through the PLPW Access Program can be obtained by calling 307-777-4600 or by checking the Game and Fish website once it is updated in early July. Assistance to hunters regarding HMA permission slips will also be provided at any Game and Fish regional office.

A listing of ranch rules and the license types that are valid in each of the Hunter Management and Walk-in Areas is also available on the web site. Hunters should be aware that rules governing use of HMA may vary with each area. Hunters are advised to refer to the website: for specific access area information.


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