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June's National Patrol Rifle Championships welcomes 122 competitors to Michigan

Competitors walk to the starting line for the National Patrol Rifle Championships

Commerce Township, Michigan - More than a hundred competitors gathered on the tall grass and rolling berms of the Multi-Lakes Conservation Association in lower Michigan this month. Law Enforcement all, they arrived from as far as away Oklahoma and Virginia to take part in the 2014 National Patrol Rifle Championships. Talking and laughing while waiting to drop off their entry forms, each stopped at the whitewashed registration building window as equals. That would not last long.

The goal was clear; beneath the unseasonable searing Michigan sun, battle back the heat, the exhaustion, and the frustration to stay on target.

“Not a simple task,” said National Patrol Rifle Chairman Jeff Felts. “Not a simple task at all.”

Rifleman waits for his spotter to call the shot at the National Patrol Rifle Championships

Comprised of four separate course, each calling for proficiency in the operation of a patrol rifle, the competition is an all day event. Two in the morning and two in the afternoon with a noshing of hotdogs, bratwurst, fries and chips thrown in the middle.

“Handguns are a defensive firearm,” said Felts. “There are times, when the lives of the public or brother officers are at stake, that you need to go offensive. That’s why we have the rifle.”

Each round fired further separated the competitors. After all 69 made it down range (59 rifle and 10 pistol), we had a winner ... congratulations James.

National Patrol Rifle Championships
Overall Standings

Place Division Name Score
1 Magnified James Maynard 1628
2 Magnified Robert LaMarche 1582
3 Open Domenic Lauria 1536
4 Magnified Jerrod Baugh 1535
5 Magnified Mark Stout 1519
6 Open Chris Cerino 1515
7 Open Drake Oldham 1412
8 Open Michael Anderson 1365
9 Magnified Steven Toleos 1343
10 Open Jim Anderson 1301

NRA banners at the National Patrol Rifle Championships


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