By Lars Dalseide | June 8 2014 15:42

Fairfax mom plays hosts to 100+ shooters at NRA Women on Target event

Pam Meara, right, poses with a fellow staffer at NRA's Fairfax Women on Target event
Pam Meara, right, poses with a fellow staffer at NRA's Fairfax Women on Target event
Fairfax, Virginia - Events like NRA’s Women on Target clinic don’t just happen. Rigorous attention to detail and top notch organizational skills are essential for anyone looking to take on the challenge. In the case of the Fairfax Women on Target event, held a mere few weeks ago, we happen to have a grizzled veteran. None other than one Pam Meara.

“Really, I wouldn’t really say I’m a veteran,” said 3-time Fairfax organizer Meara. “I couldn’t pull any of it off without all of our wonderful volunteers.”

Channelling the skills of a Field Marshal and a Orchestra Conductor, Meara has found a way to bring together an odd collection of souls to teach the basics of firearm safety and operation to first-timer shooters. Hardly an easy task.

“The people who came out to our event may have been nervous to give shooting a try, but, thanks to our instructors, they leave very comfortable.”

Each participant, whether a novice or an expert, receives one-on-one instruction on every firearm available. Rifles, shotguns, pistols — whatever. In fact, some instructors bring a few special offerings right from home.

“Last year I shot my first musket,” smiled Casey from Springfield. “Oh my god — that was something.”

Volunteer instructors, all certified by the NRA, make time to pass on the skills and knowledge they’ve picked up throughout their years of shooting. Embracing the role of coach, it’s these 60+ samaritans, and Pam’s ability to put them all together in one cohesive program, that makes the clinic possible.

“You don’t really know what you’re getting yourself into until checkin starts at 8:00am. Overthinking it is easy. Ultimately you just have to trust that everything is in place and roll with the punches.”

Considering that Meara has been rolling with those punches for three years now, it appears that everything is right where it should be.

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