By Lars Dalseide | May 5 2014 16:22

Find out what to expect from the world's biggest gun show right here in Tulsa

John Popp (l), Joe Wanenmacher (c) and NRA Museums Director Jim Supica at the Tulsa Arms Show

Tulsa, Oklahoma - Sure you've been to a gun show before. But have you ever been to the gun show? Well if you haven't been out to Oklanoma for Wanenmacher's Tulsa Arms Show then the answer is no.

"I've been coming here twice a year for a quarter of a century," said NRA Museums Director Jim Supica. "It is spectacular."

Held every year during the first week of April and the second week of November, the Tulsa Arms show is a once in a lifetime experience that every semi-serious gun collector should take a shot at at least once in their lifetime. And if you go once, odds are you'll keep coming back for more.

"We have 11 acres in this building, six miles of exhibits, guns, knives, more than you've ever seen in your life," said owner and operator Joe Wanemacher. "We have mostly collectors who are looking for other guns for their collections, we have doctors, lawyers, farmers, ranchers ... almost anyone who is interested in firearms."

In fact, you'll find everything from six-digit guns (that's $100,000 and more kiddies) to a Daisy Red Ryder. Period guns, museum quality guns, Old West revolvers and modern day sporting rifles — all presented with the utmost concern for safety.

"We have 16 guards at the doors to check the guns to be sure they are tied so they will not operate. There are also more than 50 volunteers walking the floor to check for the same thing."

Don't think you're going to find anything special? Well how about this beauty that Mr. Wanenmacher loaned to the National Firearms Museum earlier this year.

Wanenmacher's 16th Century double wheellock rifle with a matchlock backup at National Firearms Museum
A full length view of a double wheellock/matchlock backup rifle from 16th century Austria.

Now we're not making any promises when it comes to finding a 16th century Austrian wheellock, but you never know.

To hear the whole story behind the Tulsa Arms Show, tune in around 6:40pm this afternoon as Supica and Popp bring Joe Wanenmacher on Curator's Corner for the Sportsman Channel's Cam & Company.

See all of the guns in the NRA National Firearms Museum at


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