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9-time B.A.S.S. Angler-of-the-Year shares fishing tips and history at Pennsylvania outdoor show

Fishing legend Roland Martin during a seminar at the 2014 Great American Outdoor Show

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - If you don't know the name Roland Martin then you don't know fishing. For those of you unfamiliar with the man, allow me to give you a primer.

Roland Martin has won a record 19 BASSMASTER tournaments, has almost 100 top ten finishes, earned nine Angler-of-the-Year titles, qualified for the Bass Fishing World Championships 25 times, and has been inducted in the IGFA, Freshwater Fishing, and Professional Bass Fishing Hall of Fame. He's the Babe Ruth, Joe Montana and Michel Jordan of fishing all rolled up into one.

Earlier this year, Mr. Martin was good enough to stop by the Great American Outdoor Show to share a few of his "pattern fishing" techniques.

"I probably make about 20 or so appearances like this every year," Martin said. "It helps you stay current and helps me keep in touch with the public."

Pattern Fishing is just what it sounds like — establishing a pattern of how you go about fishing. And he was more than happy to share those tips with those who made the journey out to the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex.

"The whole process of establishing a pattern is pretty tough to explain in an hour so I just kind of touch on it. It's more of a mindset to being exceedingly involved with what the conditions are."

For amateurs like me who rely on a bobber and a worm for bait, it brings the entire concept of casting to a whole new level. As Mr. Martin explained it, it's as simple as asking yourself questions.

"Sort of a I caught a fish there so where is there? Figure that out and duplicate it. Sometimes people miss the fact that it's a rock bottom and the next place they go is a mud bottom. It could be the key. Maybe the fish are here feeding on shad because the shad is being blown in by the wind. Roland Martin, fishing legend and 9-time Angler-of-the-YearThere's a million things to consider when it comes to the conditions that make it work.

"It's a process of elimination. I check the water temperature to figure out if they're going to be pretty active today so maybe I'll hit more on top. Or maybe the water is so clear I need to find a shady spot or a deep spot to fish. Or because the wind is blowing real hard I need to find the current coming into my spot. There's a lot of basic things that I'm going to see and key on."

That process of elimination has done wonders for Martin. His success on the water has brought him countless titles, a show on NBC Sports, sponsorship from big names like Bass Pro Shops, and so much more. Impressive for a man who was once considered the black sheep of the family.

"When I started out about 50 years ago, my parents thought I was wasting my time fishing," Martin told us. "They tried to talk me into being a doctor, a lawyer or an indian chief … anything but fishing. But I just keep saying that (fishing professionally) would be a really great thing to be involved with for the rest of your life. They said no, you'll just be a bum. A fishing bum. There's no future in fishing."

Martin's parents never saw his success. Killed in a car accident back in 1966, he used that tragedy as an inspiration for success. Four years later, Martin won his first BASS season tournament. The next year he earned the first of three consecutive Angler-of-the-Year awards. Not too bad for a fishing bum.

Semi-retired, he spends the majority of his time working on his television show, entering tournaments, and making appearances at events like the Great Ameircan Outdoor Show. Events that give Martin that ever important face-to-fact contact with his fans.

This year was Martin's first at Great American. Due to the response, we assume we'll be seeing him in Harrisburg again soon.

"I've always heard of this Northeast show, the Harrisburg show, was the biggest show around. Recently I heard it wasn't as good as it use to be. Now with the NRA behind it, it looks like you're going to set a new record. So not only have you revitalized an important outdoor show that maybe stagnated a little bit, it seems like you have more venue, more advertisers, more celebrities … I don't know how you made it happen but it seems like a bigger and better show for the first time in years. "

High praise from a man that knows a thing or two about making it big.

Roland Martin signing autographs with young fans at NRA's Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA

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