By Lars Dalseide | March 15 2014 15:25

From Blaser-USA - Bockdrilling BD14: THe Awesome Trinity>


New lockup, new barrel adjustment, new elegance. Blaser redefines the concept of a “Bockdrilling”

San Antonio, Texas - The innovative design of the thermostable barrels makes the BD 14 a state-of-the-art masterpiece: a skillful combination of tradition and technology.

The “Bockdrilling” is, put simply, an O/U Rifle-shotgun combination with a smaller caliber rifle-barrel that blends in harmonically on the side. The barrel arrangement has been perfected by Blaser allowing for an extremely slender receiver and making the BD 14 exceptionally huntable.

The brand new Vertical Block Lockup is an absolute stunner which has been filed for patent. It combines an extremely compact and solid block lockup in a closed system within the monoblock with the comfortable handling of a classic break action rifle.

The double lock permits, if needed, a rapid second shot, the front trigger always releasing the large rifle-caliber. The blind palable barrel selector actives the shotgun barrel when in position “top” and activates the smaller rifle caliber in position “bottom”.

The Blaser precision triggers with a trigger pull of 650 grams (1lb 7 oz) and the excellent, crisp characteristics are the essential prerequisite for accurate shooting.

With a total weight starting at app. 3.3 kg (7 lb 4.4 oz) the new Blaser Bockdrilling lives up to the expected versatility and is first choice for stalking.


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