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Top Two Female Pistol Shooters from 2011 meet again in 2012

Heather Deppe takes aim on her way to the Women's Sport Pistol title
Heather Deppe takes aim on her way to the Women's Sport Pistol title

Columbus, Georgia – Last year, the United States Naval Academy's Kirstin Asdal edged out the United States Military Academy's Heather Deppe for a 655.3 to 653.9 victory in the NRA's Intercollegiate Women's Sport Pistol Championship at Ft. Benning, Georgia.

Those same two shooters found themselves in the finals again this year. It was evident, however, that Deppe spent a good deal of 2011 eating her Wheaties as she came back to Georgia with a vengeance — a crushing score of 663.3 dwarfed Asdal's 634.8. Deppe's overwhelming performance meant that the two would trade their positions from last year as Deppe claimed the NRA's 2012 Intercollegiate Women's Sport Pistol title.

Unwilling to leave Ft. Benning without a title of her own, Asdal enlisted the aid of Naval Academy teammates Emily Meyer and Catherine Drake as they captured the 2012 Women's Sport Pistol Team Championship. Shooting an aggregate score of 1616 put the Midshipmen almost 20 points in front of their nearest challengers.

Understanding Women's Sport Pistol

Women's Sport Pistol is shot in two courses, The Precision Course and Rapid Fire Course. Both courses of fire call for 30 shots in six series of five shots.

The two courses differ in their series. Rapid Fire's targets appear five times, for three seconds each time, with pauses of seven seconds between each appearance. The Precision Course targets are visible the entire for a five minute series.

2012 Women's Sport Pistol Team Championship
1 United States Naval Academy 1616
2 United States Military Academy 1597
3 The Ohio State University 1589
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1563
5 United States Coast Guard Academy 1546

2012 Women's Sport Pistol Individual Championship
      Finals Total
1 Heather Deppe USMA 97.3 663.3
2 Kirstin Asdal USNA 96.8 634.8
3 Emily Meyer USNA 81.8 631.8
Amanda Watters Ohio 92.5 628.5
5 Chi-Hsuan Chu USNA 87.9 626.9
6 Kimberly Hullings Ohio 92.5 621.5
7 Melissa Gilday USCGA 91.4 619.4
8 Catherine Drake USNA 91.0 619.0


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