By Lars Dalseide | March 3 2012 15:05

NRA youth with 2 ducks from a mentored hunt in Pintail Point, MDMaryland Youth with four ducks from Mentored Hunt
This time last year, NRAblog brought you Moe Aguilar's report on Pintail Point's Mentored Youth Hunt. Here it is again as one of our new features — the weekend story rewind:

The Maryland DNR Mentored Junior Hunter Day on February 20 at the River Plantation in Queenstown, Maryland was a big success.

All the youngsters made it through the instructional safety clinic in plenty of time to enjoy the sporting clays course. After the warm up, it was time to take aim at some mallard ducks.

The parents and the Maryland DNR staff was just as excited as the young hunters as they took their first shots. The biggest excitement was seeing the youngsters hit their first clays or mallards. One young hunter was so excited after hitting his first duck that he walked to his father, safely handed him the gun, and jumped up and down with his hands in the air.

Patricia Allen, Recruitment and Retention Coordinator for Maryland Department of Natural Resources truly enjoys welcoming young families into the tradition of hunting.

“It was a great opportunity to introduce newcomers to Maryland’s Hunting Heritage. It was also a great opportunity to reach out to their parents on the importance of being hunting mentors. It is my hope that this Mentored Youth Hunt helped create some life-long hunters.”


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