By Lars Dalseide | January 30 2012 17:41

Ammo Can just like the one used for the M2A1 Military .50 Cal

NRA Modular Ammo Can and Dry Box There are all sorts of good things to be found on Watches, hats, holsters and more. One that caught our eye today was the Modular Ammo Can and Dry Box.

It has all the great things that any ammo box should have — it's waterproof, modular, stackable and lockable. And to give that added bit of ummph, it has the identical design to the original M2A1 Military .50 caliber Ammo Can. How's that for style?

The waterproofing is made possible through the use of heavy-duty high-density polyethylene. That same material makes it the perfect place to store cleaning supplies and additional equipment along with the ammo.

Available in OD Green, the Ammo Can/Dry Box carries up to 70 pounds of equipment and can hold the weight of a full grown adult. If this sounds like the perfect piece of merchandise on your Merchandise Monday ($31.95 not including shipping), then click on over to and get your NRA Modular Ammo Can / Dry Box today.


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