By Kerrin Brinkman | January 25 2012 10:48

Wounded Warriors from Project Enduring Pride look a the Hollywood Guns Exhibit in the National Firearms Museum Fairfax, Virginia - As Lars told you yesterday, we had the honor of welcoming a group of wounded warriors from Project Enduring Pride as they visited NRA Headquarters here in Fairfax, Virginia. The group of nearly 40 included combat disabled veterans and their family and friends. After a quick lunch at the NRA Café, half of the group went to the range with Lars, and the second half came with me to the National Firearms Museum.

Senior Curator Doug Wicklund took the group on a tour of the entire National Firearms Museum, explaining the significance of certain firearms, particularly those relating to the military. The tour began in the Petersen Gallery and included a stop to look at the guns of Theodore Roosevelt and the Rough Riders. The group also looked at galleries containing the guns of the first and second World Wars, the Korean and Vietnam Wars, and firearms used in modern warfare in the Middle East. But what were the group's favorite guns? Those contained in the Ruger Gallery's "Hollywood Guns" Exhibit.

From a Star Wars light sabre to Mel Gibson's Beretta from Lethal Weapon, the group enjoyed perusing the cases and looking at firearms used in some of their favorite films. After their museum tour, the group took a special trip to the National Firearms Museum Conservation Lab where they were able get up close and personal with some very valuable firearms.

Stay tuned for more on the Project Enduring Pride's visit, because Lars is going to bring you photos and details on the group's trip to the NRA Headquarters Range.

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