By Kerrin Brinkman | June 2 2011 13:42

First was the Celebrity round, where country music star Mark Wills and Cowboy Mounted Shooting Champion Kenda Lenseigne took to the range first. Lenseigne defeated Wills for the second year in a row and shot herself into the final bracket of the Celebrity round. Next up were Top Shot Season 1 winner Iain Harrison versus American Idol finalist and singer Bo Bice. Harrison won that round, moving to the finals where he was bested by Lenseigne, giving her a second overall win in the Celebrity Pro-Am.

Next was the Press round, where Caleb Giddings of Gun Nuts Media and Dick Jones of the Southeastern Outdoor Press Association were first to face off. Giddings secured the win over Jones, placing him in the Press finals. Next was fan favorite and professional photographer Yamil Sued of Hot Gun Shots versus Team Glock's Dave Sevigny, who stepped in at the last moment to give Yamil a run for his money. Despite having some fun with Yamil like taking time to reload in the middle of a string or giving him a five second lead, Sevigny won the round and advanced to the finals where he also defeated Giddings.

In the Industry round, Smith & Wesson's Juile Golob competed against Colt's Joyce Rubino, with Golob securing an early win. Shooting legend and Team Smith & Wesson member Jerry Miculek faced off against Colt's Mike Guerra, but Miculek's speed and skill captured him the win. Next were Safariland teammates Scott Carnahan and Rob Leatham, with Leatham entering the next bracket. Finally, Team Glock's Randi Rogers competed against Maggie Reese from Season 2 of Top Shot, with Rogers taking the win.

In the Industry semi-finals, Jerry Miculek defeated his Smith & Wesson teammate and "Boss" as he affectionately calls Julie Golob, and Rob Leatham bested Randi Rogers to advance to the finals. In the end, Rob Leatham used his lightning speed to win the event.

We still needed to have an official Top Shot showdown, so Season 1 winner Iain Harrison and runner-up Chris Cerino were competitng side by side once again, but this time Cerino took top honors. He then shot against Season 2's Maggie Reese, defeating her for the title of Bianchi Top Shot.


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