By Lars Dalseide | May 19 2011 10:58

Meeting the original Top Shot Iain Harrison at the Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh

Iain Harrison, Top Shot from The History Channel's Top Shot season #1, at the NRA Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh with Glock's Megan Harvey on NRAblog Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - NRAblog started following The History Channel’s Top Shot back when the show launched in 2010. Making his way through sixteen contestants, including GunUp’s Caleb Giddings & NRA Range somewhat regular Adam Benson, was former British Army re-con platoon Commander Iain Harrison. We sat down with Iain at the Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh before his photo-op with Gunny R. Lee Ermey and Season 2 winner Chris Reed.

As we stood along side the Glock booth waiting to catch an opening in Gunny’s schedule, of which there were very few, fans armed with papers, cameras, and smiles constantly approached Iain with congratulations and awe. Apparently use to the fanfare, he returned the smile, posed for the photos, and shook many a hand. The History Channel couldn’t have asked for a better ambassador.

“Top Shot has been a career changing move for me,” said Harrison “I went from working in the Construction Industry in Portland, Oregon to working in the Firearms Industry (for Crimson Trace) in Portland, Oregon. So I got a new job out of it.”

Included in his new found celebrity was a trip last fall to the National Rifle Association. There he met members of the staff, toured the museum, and squeezed off a few rounds at the NRA Range.

Gunny R. Lee Ermey and Iain Harrison, Top Shot from The History Channel's Top Shot season #1 at the NRA Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh on NRAblog “I met with some good folks at NRA last year, even shot a little bit with Ed Friedman and the guys,” said Harrison. “We were in Texas a few months ago trying out some great Crimson Trace gear … Seeing Ed all decked out in our gear was worth the price of admission.”

As the Top Shot of Top Shot season #1, The History Channel brought Iain back for season 2 to serve as an expert for a variety of firearms. It was then that he met with the competitors and started adding to his circle of fellow marksmen.

“Since then I’ve been in touch with some of the guys from the show including Ash, George, Brian Zins and obviously Chris,” said Harrison. “I’ve even passed Maggie Reese on the competition circuit a few times. It’s good to see them out there, doing well, representing the show. Down the line, maybe The History Channel we’ll get us all together for a reunion shoot. That’d be something.”

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