By Kyle Jillson | October 13 2010 09:00

From 2010 Y.E.S. participant Andrew Clark comes an article he wrote for NRA InSights magazine on starting up your own NRA-affiliated club.

2010 Y.E.S. participant Andrew Clark starts a shooting clubHello, I'm Andrew Clark, a senior at Stevenson School in Pebble Beach, Calif. As the founder of the Stevenson Hunting and Shooting Club, an NRA-affiliated club, I am excited to share my tips for creating a successful and fun NRA school club.

September 2007, Club Sign-Up Day: The rumble resonating off the marble steps of the brimming amphitheater could not so much be attributed to the music blaring from the Reggae Club's monstrous speakers, but to the range of bellows and shrieks entreating students to sign up for a plethora of clubs.

As I stood on tiptoe to survey the amphitheater, I felt completely overwhelmed.

I wandered through seemingly endless ornate club displays and endured countless appeals from various club leaders. Although options ranged from Young Republicans and Democrats to the Future Business Leaders of America to the Ping Pong Club, I could not find an issue or idea I was passionate about and wanted to fully commit my time to.

September 2009, Club-Sign-Up Day: Flanked by two valiant club officers, I scream like a madman, hoping to entice students to join my own club, the Stevenson Hunting and Shooting Club. As the last students dwindle out of the amphitheater, we have 67 new members!

Read the rest of Andrew's great article at the NRA InSights website here.


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