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SGT Sherri Gallagher wins 2010 National High Power Rifle Championship on NRAblog

SGT Sherri Gallagher of Fort Benning, Georgia, shot her way to her first National High Power Rifle Championship on Friday, finishing with a record breaking 2396-161x.

Winning eight of the twelve match trophies in the championships, the applause grew a little louder each time she took the stage in anticipation of the moment she was called to claim the Mumma title trophy. "[I'm] just doing the best I can with every match I go to," Sherri humbly said.

Sherri comes from a family of shooters and has had a rifle in her hands most of her life. Her mother was a previous High Power Rifle champion, winning the National Championship in 1998.

Preparing for Camp Perry and other matches falls in line well with SGT Gallagher's duties. "We spend most of our time in the offseason training up soldiers," Sherri said. The practice certainly shows. Ever-courteous, Sherri did not come to Camp Perry expecting to win. "All you can do is the best you can every match," she said. The new national record Sherri set replaced Camp Perry legend David Tubb's 2389-138x shot in 2003.

Carl Bernosky, of Ashland, Pennsylvania, finished second this year with a 2395-140x. Although coming very close to his fifth National Championship, Bernosky also beat Tubb's record and set a new personal high.

"That's what you come here for, you come here to shoot your own personal best," Bernosky said. "You shoot to your capabilities and you put a score up there and somebody beats it - that's the way it goes. Sherri shot a great match, shot a great score, she's a good person and I'm happy for her."

Rounding out the top three was Stephen Culpepper of Sharpsburg, Georgia, with a 2382-121x.

On the service rifle side of the championship, SGT Eric Swearingen of El Cajon, California, won the Service Rifle Championship with a 2381-103x. Continuing with new faces atop the podium at the awards ceremony, this was SGT Swearingen's first Service Rifle Championship. "It feels pretty good," SGT Swearingen said of his first win.

SSG Tyrel Cooper of Fort Benning, Georgia, placed second with a 2377-108x, and 2009 Service Rifle Champion SFC Grant Singley also of Fort Benning, Georgia, finished third with a 2372-121x.

This year introduced an Any Sight/Tactical Rifle category to the championships. Albert Wood of Merrillan, Wisconsin, won the category in its inaugural year with a 2308-44x.

Special Category winners after the jump.

Match Rifle
  High Woman SGT Sherri Gallagher 2396-161x
  High Senior Robert Ward 2376-81x
  High Grand Senior  Gary Hendricks 2309-59x
  High Intermediate Junior  Waylon Burbach 2323-65x
  High Service SGT Sherri Gallagher 2396-161x
  High Police Harry Harrison 2349-110x

Service Rifle
  High Civilian Troy Lawton 2369-89x
  High Ohio Civilian             Resident Sara Rozanski 2338-83x
  High Woman  PFC Amanda Elsenboss 2347-76x
  High Senior  Jim O'Connell 2346-88x
  High Grand Senior Pete Orebaugh 2188-41x
  High Collegiate SGT Christopher Atkins 2359-90x
  High Overall Junior Tyler Rico 2360-94x
  High Junior Chad Kurgan 2360-78x
  High Intermediate Junior Tyler Rico 2360-94x
  High Sub-Junior Morgan Owen 2187-42x
  High National Guard SPC Cody Shields 2357-68x
  High Reserve SGT Eric Swearingen 2381-103x
  High Army Reserve SGT Christopher Atkins 2359-90x
  High Marine SGT Eric Swearingen 2381-103x
  High Regular Service SSG Tyrel Cooper 2377-108x
  High Police Allen Young 2313-74x


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