By Danielle Sturgis | August 1 2010 06:03
Nancy Tompkins is a big deal at Camp Perry. After talking to her at the Randall Team match on Tuesday, a volunteer approached us. "Do you know who that is?" he asked suspiciously. NRAblog first met Tompkins on the line during the National Rifle Match’s high power rifle phase in 2008. Since then, she has appeared on the blog and in NRA news a number of times.

Tompkins first started shooting in 7th grade. “I’ve been at this a long time,” she said with a smile. She's published a book, Prone and High Power Rifle Shooting and is known in the community for her willingness to help other competitors. 

Tompkins is a 4-time National Long Range Champion. She's won the Wimbledon Cup, and the Leech Cup five times. She's won both team and individual medals in the World Palma Championships, serving on 6 Palma teams, as shooter and coach. 

How did she do at this year’s smallbore competition? “It went okay. Some days are better than others,” she said.

We wondered what sort of encouragement Tompkins would have for new shooters. Why should people consider involvement in competitive shooting of any kind?

“It’s a great social activity,” she said. “You meet incredible people. Also, it’s a great opportunity to wrk on mental and physical skills.”

“It teaches you great concentration, and young people who are junior competitors have a better focus.”

Tompkins, pictured above with Michelle Makucevich and her daughter, Danielle, age 13, says the sport is a family affair. Tompkins, her husband, and their daughters bond over their competitive shooting successes.

“I met this one,” she said, gesturing at Michelle, “at an Olympic training facility, which is also where she met Dan.”

Yes, that Dan – Dan Makucevich, an NRA volunteer we interviewed on Tuesday after the Dewar Trophy Team match.

Tompkins was honored when Dan and Michelle asked her to serve as godmother to their daughter. Now, Danielle can be found on the line next to Nancy. Michelle told us Danielle has been competing at Camp Perry since age 5, when she participated in the Mentor Match.

“This year, we consist of one deputy match director, one coach, one spotter, and three competitors,” Michelle said, nodding at the group.

Tompkins smiled. “All my best friends in life are shooters,” she said.


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