By Danielle Sturgis | April 23 2010 06:50
Yet another female blogger attended a Women On Target® Instructional Shooting Clinic. Can Do Mom has nothing but good to say about the experience:
The Women on Target® class was a blast. I loved the rifles and I loved the pistols. I just plain loved the shooting!

…We worked closely with instructors who helped us learn how to load and shoot our firearms… I shot four different rifles (using 22 mag ammo) three with scopes and one without. I stayed inside my black bullseye rings until I used the gun without the scope, then I strayed above it a little bit. I have to confess that with the rifle barrel resting on a stack of sandbags and using a scope it made hitting the bullseye easy. Of course it didn't hurt that the targets were only about 15-20 yards away.

As much fun as it was to shoot the rifle, I liked firing the pistol even more.

Read the entire article at Can Do Mom, and check out her pictures. That’s some sharp shooting!

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