By Danielle Sturgis | August 12 2009 05:13

In light of Kyle Jillson's recent Camp Perry interview with NRA President Ron Schmeits, we'd like to link to another interview of the NRA's current and 60th president. Our friends at sat down with Mr. Schmeits to talk about hunting. 

Schmeits was raised on a ranch in northeast Nebraska, and under tutelage from his father, he started hunting rabbits and squirrels. Now, as a resident of New Mexico, Schmeits has moved to larger game--antelope, mule deer, elk, bear, and lions.

We think you'll enjoy learning a little about Ron Schmeits, passionate hunter and 2nd Amendment advocate.

Meet the President 

Question: Are there any specific goals you hope to accomplish during your term as NRA president?

Schmeits: As president, hunting and the Second Amendment are extremely important to me. Freedom is important to me also, and I think the Second Amendment guarantees that freedom. We need to have the freedom to hunt. We need to have the freedom to exercise those rights that are guaranteed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I want to make sure that we still have the ability to exercise those rights, and I think in doing that we need broad support from a lot of individuals, whether they believe in freedom, or firearms ownership, or hunting.

We’ve got 4 million NRA members, 12.5 million hunters, and 80 million gun owners. We need to get as many of those on the bandwagon as we possibly can. I’ve got friends of mine that don’t own guns, but they still believe in freedom. They feel as strong towards the Second Amendment as I do.

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