By Danielle Sturgis | August 2 2009 06:37

National Night Out: America’s Night Out Against Crime kicks off Tuesday evening in neighborhoods across the nation. If your community is holding an event, look closely – you may find an NRA Certified Instructor, Eddie Eagle, or a Refuse To Be A Victim® Seminar on the schedule.

Here in Fairfax, Virginia, several events will feature Eddie Eagle GunSafe materials for both parents and children. "The night is really about getting out, meeting your neighbors, and raising awareness about community safety," Law Enforcement Activity Division's Glen Hoyer told NRAblog. 

In the Cleveland, Ohio area, NRA Certified Instructor Kim Rodecker will represent Concealed Carry Courses at the National Night Out held at the Steelyard Commons. "Our table will be in the parking lot of the Home Depot," Rodecker told NRAblog. "We'll be promoting the NRA and the second amendment cause, as well as quality firearms instruction."

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